Youth Sailing


  • For our younger members to learn about the sea and sailing under the guidance of parents, instructors and other experienced sailors.
  • To encourage further integration in other club activities.
  • To build on the fantastic club spirit.
  • To promote club membership.
  • To have fun.

What is planned

  • To have fun (you can never have too much fun).
  • To sail as often as possible.
  • To learn to sail in a safe, responsible and considerate way.
  • To award certificates for progress.
  • To develop sailors who can confidently participate in the general club sailing activities.
  • To have  a safety boat on the water whenever sailing is in progress.
  • To have instructors at the club whenever possible.
  • To have an officer of the day (OOD) at the club to help oversee the running of the activities.
  • See a video clip of one of our summer cadet sessions.

What is expected from you

  • To attend the briefing and de-briefing at each session.
  • To look after the club equipment.
  • To sail only in the designated area.
  • To take advice offered, particularly from the safety boat crew, OOD or an instructor.
  • To help with all the activities.
  • To make an effort to learn to sail.
  • To wear an approved and properly fitting buoyancy aid while afloat.
  • Parents (or nominated person) must be responsible for the children at all times. (P.B.S.C. instructors, OODs and helpers cannot be responsible for the children at the club and are only there in an advisory capacity).
  • To notify us in advance if you are unable to attend.


  • Children should be able to swim at least 25 metres in sailing clothes and be confident in water.
  • Warm and waterproof clothing should be worn.
  • Hard hats should be worn while sailing.

The club has high hopes for this ambitious scheme. Many enthusiastic people are giving their time to make it a success. Please give us your input. We welcome your suggestions (and offers of help). Speak to one of the organisers.

Please also see our active policy. Sailing Club Safeguarding Policy and Procedures


The PBSC Youth squad consists of three squads, dependent on age and ability:

This is our group of beginners.

This is our group of beginners


For intermediates wanting to improve their sailing


Our top group working on advanced boat handling skills and racing

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