Duty Check

This page is a window into the DutyMan  duty scheduling system, so hopefully will reflect the latest changes.  If  you require to look further ahead there is a link below to dutyman.  Please note that if you are looking to swap your duty you still need to do this via DutyMan and all the notifications will still come via DutyMan.

Please confirm your duty on DutyMan.. to do this you need to;-

1. Login to dutyman, you would have been sent an email at the beginning of the season with the details
2. Select ‘Confirm your duties’ (right hand menu)
3. See your duties underlined in red
4. Select the duty from the left hand menu
5. Click on the red arrow in the middle of the menu
6. Select the push button to confirm your duty
7. You will receive automatic reminder emails 14 and 5 days before your duty. If you have not confirmed the Duty Administrator will email or call you directly.

If you can’t make the duty and need to swap:
Click on request a duty swap on the right hand menu, where there are a good set of instructions. Essentially look for a member who had been scheduled for a future duty of the same type as you and click on the buttons to request a swap. This will send an email to those who you have selected and they will respond if they can accept the swap. Alternatively email commodore@pbsc.org.uk