Work Party for Saturday 9th April

We lost our haul out rope in the Bank Holiday storm which requires replacing. This Saturday we have a 7.9m tide which gives us the opportunity to get the new rope bedded in.
Those who are familiar with this process it requires a good number of volunteer with spades to dig in 3 very large car tyres in the sand at low tide. That would be 7:38 a.m. this coming Saturday. Many hands make light work, so please give us a couple of hours meeting at 7:00 a.m. at the club …. remember your boots and spades!!!!!
We will also be ordering a skip as we need to empty / start out the old builder store container which requires moving to make way for the new 40ft container which will be arriving shortly. So after a bacon butty or two on Saturday after all that digging … we would appreciate some hands to stay on and assist.