Forecasts and tides

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PBSC webcam here
For windguru click here.
For Met Office wind forecast click here
For BBC weather click here
Pevensey Bay channel buoy readings click here
Brighton channel buoy click here here
For Predict Wind click Predict Wind  (testing)
Magic Seaweed click here
View the Beaufort Scale here

For the club’s webcam click PBSC web cam page


The tide flows towards Hastings on the flood coming up to high tide and a back again to Eastbourne on the ebb to low tide. The rate of flow is approximately 2 knots at the peak during the ebb tides. The tides range between 3.5 and 7.5 metres from lowest to highest tide on the monthly cycles with neap tides being the lowest and spring tides being the highest.

Remember if there is little wind and a strong tide you can find yourself going backwards! If the wind looks like it is dropping its best to sail up tide – at least you can drift back to the clubhouse if you need to.

For the racers, you’ll be keen to know when the tides turn to avoid hitting a buoy and doing your penalty turn!

Flood to ebb  = tide turns 1 hr before high tide.

Ebb to flood = tide turns ½ hr before low tide.

The flood is very weak flood on neaps.


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