Safety procedures and equality policy


Sailors are advised to only take to the water when a safety boat has been launched. The OOD is responsible for determining whether conditions are suitable for sailing at any particular time. Launching and recovering at high tide when the surf is breaking can be challenging and sailors should help each other to land safely.  Please also sign an and out on the notice board in the main lobby –  whether free sailing or racing. This helps the Officer of the Day keep track of who is on the water.

Rib launching and retrieval

The two large ribs are winched from the boat house to the high tide line but thereafter are manually launched by six sailors. The helm will usually call for help with Safety boat and /or the OOD will announce over the tannoy and sailors in wet gear should please make themselves available as quickly as possible.

Recovery also requires help from sailors. The trolley needs to be positioned in the shallows and needs up to four people to attach the winch and guide on to the trolley.  In rough weather we haul out on rollers and then winch on to the trolley

Use of small dinghy winches

There are three small electric foot operated winches at the top of the beach. These should not be used by under 16’s and only by adults after they have been shown how to use by another member.

Winch ropes are located on red drum rollers just inside the boat house and the power connected by a master switch at the rear of the boat house. To use the winch, thread the winch rope through the nearby pulley block and take down the beach and tie on to the axel of your trolley. Take the other end of the rope and wind clockwise 4 times around the winch drum and maintain tension on the line. Exchange a thumbs up signal to the person at the bottom of the beach guiding your dinghy to show that you both are ready and then depress the foot pedal to start the winch. Keep your hands well away from the winch itself. If the winch rope tangles on the drum, stop the winch and wind the rope around the drum afresh. 

Use of boathouse winch for safety boats

There is a large geared electric winch at the rear of the boathouse for the use of hauling out the safety boats. Members should be trained in its use either by following an accredited course such as the Power Boat or be trained separately by one of our instructors during an ad hoc trains session advertised periodically.

PBSC equality policy
Please see here PBSC Equality Policy 2022