Race training


We are keen to introduce those who are interested to the joys of racing.  Our main racing events are via our  Sunday morning and afternoon series.

Additionally during June to early September we have a more relaxed Saturday evening series commencing at 5.30pm.

Thursday evening – introduction to racing and general race training

On Thursday nights from April to July will offer the opportunity to introduce new members and new to racing members to some of the weekend racing sailors and give instruction on a number of topics.  For those who want to move on from pure cruising this series of events aims to bridge the gap from sailors who have learned to sail but are anxious about entering their first race. See some recent footage here.

Race training topics

Over the period our training will cover both on an off the water topics and exercises

Off the water (when we have too much or too little wind):

  • Strategy – those who make least mistakes normally win!
  • Tides and currents
  • Weather
  • Steve Cockerill’s Upwind/ Downwind sailing and tactics DVD’s or Shirley Robertson’s race training video
  • Boat basics  – sail setting, balance, trim, foils etc
  • Basic boat tuning –  basic tuning and class specific tuning
  • Basic racing rules
  • Advanced Racing Rules
  • Guest talks

On the water training will cover:

  • Boat handling skill –  follow the leader, tacking and gibing on the whistle, magic roundabout, trim tabs, tethered or rudderless sailing, diamond winger, mark rounding etc.
  • Starting – trigger pull, slow speed control, holding station, the drive through, reverse park, time to the max, out of the blocks, starting line bias, rabbit starts, port tack players, block the barger etc.
  • Sailing the course, laylines, downwind flyer, roll your buddy etc.
  • Tactical exercises – covering, piggy in the middle. match racer, dinghy park shuffle etc.
  • Boredom beaters – one rule racing, reverse the start, Le Mans starts, dogfight, new balls please!

For those new to racing we’ll translate all the jargon in to understandable English!