RYA – Power and Safety Boat Courses 2016

We are short of accredited power boat helms at PBSC which allow the safe operation of our water based activities. The core accreditation is RYA Powerboat and this is effectively your license to use one of the PBSC power boats and will teach you the basics of  safety operating one of these.  The next step up is the RYA Safety Boat course which teaches boat handling in rough conditions, sailor and dinghy recovery techniques. You need to have at least 12months elapsed  between each course. These courses are only open to PBSC members, and are offered at a very substantial discount to the same course offered commercially  – £60 for Powerboat £30 for Safety Boat. These are two day courses held on concurrent weekends, with the following third held as a contingency for bad weather, you need to be available for all three to apply.

Additionally we appreciate that accredited helms could do with a refresher on Powerboat operation and we are running some informal sessions on Sunday 13th and Sunday 20th March at 10am. Email sailingschoolprincipal@pbsc.eu to register your interest in any of these courses. Gordon Bishop will be the lead organiser of all these courses.

Apart from the safety aspect its another good fun way of being on the water, the 40 hp engines on our two 5m Tornados go at a fair rate on a flat sea.

Please download  Power and Safety boat courses 2016 here.