Next weekend Saturday 20th / Sunday 21st July

On Saturday 20th July there will be fun racing for sailors of all ages – cadets through to Sunday racers are encouraged to come down and help each other to get on the water and join in – there will be prizes and the club boats will be available for free, so be rigged for 11am and all we ask is that if you borrow a club boat you sign for it and make sure it is put away at the end of the day.  However, there will also be some off water racing.  If anyone wants to sail on a 2 man boat I would suggest using facebook to pal up with people.  In the evening there will a club BBQ at £5 a head all profits to go towards the new safety boat.

Sunday 21st July is club Watch race day, please see the website to refresh your memory on which Watch you are in, and get as many from your watch to race as possible – Dover are the current champions, so they will be handicapped this year!

The aim of the weekend is to encourage all club members to be down the club having fun on and off the water and raise a bit of money.