Members login

Getting feedback that there are one or two teething problems on the members login.

All members who have renewed their membership should have received a log in password, but unfortunately some have not received the notification email. If this is the case for you firstly try checking your junk file it may be lurking there. If still no luck, it may be that we have the wrong email for you.  If you fill out a contact form we will try and sort it from there. Please be aware that family members will have only received one password for the email held in our membership database. It will  be possible for other family members to have their own passwords but we will need to have their associated email addresses.

When resetting passwords the system is taking you back to password reset as if it’s not been done. Your password will have been reset, just click on the home page and you should see all is working for you, but if not let us know via the contact form. These are teething problems which are working on and will try and sort out.:-)