Laser Masters this Friday to Sunday 19-21 June.

Our preparation is behind us and competitors are beginning to arrive. Weather is looking perfect. All we need to do now is give our guests a great experience.

To this end we need to have members please supporting Friday morning when we will be registering 130+ competitors, helping them deposit dinghies trailers and trolleys on the beach, register them. launch them c11.45 and recover them c15.30, winching up the beach. In the evening we could do with help in the galley / clearing away plates and bar / clearing away glasses.

On Saturday we’ll be serving breakfast from 8am, launching 9.30 am and recovering 2.30pm. BBQ in the evening again will need catering and bar support.

On Sunday a repeat of Saturday with recovery. Prizes c15.30 and then a final piece of traffic management and a grand tidy up to ensure all litter is clear form the site and the equipment is put away.

Thank you to all those who have committed to helping in advance and we look forward to seeing you. We do however have further need and if you are able to spend even a few hours please come down around the times specified.

This looks like it will be a spectacular event and if resourced properly a great earner for the club. We can then use this money to invest in new equipment – more windsurf training boards or club dinghies for example.

Thank you

Adrian Peckham

Vice Commodore