Hastings Federation event 14/6/19 info

Forecast for the Federation at Hastings on Sunday;
High Tide: 9:05
Low Tide: 15:55
Wind: 8 Knots NE dropping and swinging SE throughout the day
There is a briefing at 10.15 followed by the first race at 11:00 with 2 back to back races then some lunch followed by a pursuit race
At the moment sailing down there Sunday morning looks challenging so my advice would be to tow. I will be about all day Saturday to help anyone who needs to get a boat down there.
There are also boats to borrow at Hastings so get in touch soon to secure a place on one of these. They have Toppers/Picos/Magnos/Visions
We also HAVE to supply a safety boat for the day, any Volunteers?
If you have any queries please get in touch