Corona Virus Update no 13


Dear Members,

As you will be aware the Government has announced a third period of Lockdown restrictions to take effect in England as from 27th January 2021.

As a result of the lockdown the Club will not be able to offer any sailing until the restrictions are lifted. Clearly no one knows when this will be but we are making the assumption that we will be able to start at the beginning of our planned season.

The Club and all its operations will be physically closed until further notice.

These decisions will be reviewed in the light of further advices, as and when received, from H.M.Government and/or the RYA.

Current advice received from the RYA:

“Can we run organised activity as long as we launch from a public
outdoor place?
No. Organised activity is not permissible at this time except for 1:1
coaching as outlined above.

Can club facilities remain open?
No. All outdoor sports centres and amenities (which includes sailing
clubs and watersports centres) must close during this period.

Can club boat parks and slipways remain open?
Our understanding is that boat parks and their slipways are part of a sporting facility and its amenities and therefore must be closed.

Can club maintenance take place?
Where maintenance is critical (and cannot therefore wait until after
the lockdown restrictions are lifted) it can be carried out in
accordance with the Government’s Regulations. However, organised working parties are not considered appropriate at this time.”