Corona virus up date no 11

I am sure we are all very aware of the increasingly worrying statistics
of the Corona virus, with the number of cases of Covid 19 increasing
significantly in some parts of the country. Last week we sent out a
letter saying we were increasing the use of the Club’s facilities by
opening the changing rooms and upstairs, which may have seemed
inappropriate timing, but we are pleased to say that club members are
still upholding very high standards around the building. We therefore
see no reason why we should reverse this decision. We all have to be
mindful of the latest Government restrictions however, with no more
than six people meeting as a group, inside or out. We therefore ask you
to be vigilant and avoid creating clusters of people around the Club.
Remember we should still be “social distancing” by two meters or “one
meter plus” using face covering. Now, you are also expected to wear
face covering while moving around the building.

Lets hope the good weather continues and we can stay outside and get
some good sailing in.

Best wishes,

Dave Boniface for the PBSC Executive Committee