Safety Boat 3


To keep the club functioning effectively we need help from all of our adult members to undertake a couple of duties each year. These range from safety boat helm and crew on the water, Officer of the Day (OOD) and Timekeeper in the race box, or helping out in the bar.

Duties are allocated at the beginning of the sailing season and can be accessed via our scheduling system DutyMan.  You will receive an email reminder approximately 5 days before your scheduled duty and are asked to confirm your availability on the website. If you are new to the club you will need to register at DutyMan to access this type of functionality.

For all full day duties other then bar it is helpful to be at the club by 9.15am please, reporting to the OOD in the race box. We aim to start the racing at their scheduled time and arriving in good time plays an important part in achieving this.

Duty descriptions

Officer of the day

In charge of the sailing for the day including all safety and course laying. The OOD will set the sailing course, mark up on the notice board by the entrance, and run the 5 minute count down race sequence using the race computer and sound the klaxon when a dinghy crosses the finishing line. Although not difficult OOD’s need to be familiar with setting suitable courses, using the race computer and publishing the results. We run training sessions on these aspects from time to time and in any case a committee member will be around to guide you on the day. See Officer of the Day responsibilities for full guidelines.

Time keeper

Responsible for noting the finishing times of the racers and the number of laps they have completed.

Safety Boat Helm

With the crew preparing the safety boat – connecting the fuel tank, running the engine on land, radio check, collecting marks as per OOD guidance and winching down the beach. On the water via the helm will direct the crew to lay the marks as per the OOD’s direction and collect and the end of the racing. Whilst sailors are on the water the safety boat is responsible for ensuring all sailors in difficulty can be given the assistance they need. At the end of racing the safety boat is landed and returned to the boathouse the engine flushed through with fresh water and the boat hosed down, fuel returned to the fuel store etc.  We ask that Safety boat helm is trained on our RYA Power Boat two day course  before acting as Safety Boat helm.

Safety Boat Crew

With the helm preparing the safety boat – filling with fuel, running the engine on land, radio check, collecting marks as per OOD guidance and winching down the beach.  On the water laying and retrieval of marks and ensuring the safety of sailors in difficulty.

Bar duties

These are co-ordinated by the social committee and training will be given before your first duty.