Abandoned Trailers and Trolleys – disposal now taking place

Unclaimed Trailers and trollies  by the north fence

Update 01 03 22 – disposal underway

The deadline for claiming ownership of the ‘abandoned’ trailers and trollies along the east fence has now expired, with trollies/trailers claimed in the interim having been moved to the north fence.

We are now offering the remaining fourteen trailers and trollies for sale to club members.  They are lined up along the east fence to view and have been labelled with a sequential ‘abandoned trailer’ number to aid identification.

If you wish to make an offer, or need more information, please contact Goff Brooks on 07986 070585, or by email at goffbrooks1@gmail.com.

Previous message

On 17th January we emailed all members to tell you that we are now following the ‘abandoned boats’ process for the trailers and trollies by the north fence of the park and asking you to label any trailers and trollies that might be yours with your name by 7th February.  We now have 17 trailers and trolleys with no identifiable owner (some of which are in very good condition) and have lined them up along the east fence,  with the ‘identified’ trollies/trailers being parked along the north fence.

The next stage is to assess the those with no identified owner for disposal e.g. sale, recycling or dumping and this will take a couple of weeks.  We would hate to dispose of a trolley or trailer which is still needed so please that, if you have a trolley or trailer is parked in the north or east of the park,  ensure that it is clearly labelled with your name (some have been labelled but the name has worn off). If you have any issues or queries, please contact Goff Brooks on 07986 070585 or email at Rearcommodore@pbsc.org.uk