Abandoned Boats!

As highlighted in the October edition of Aquila, the club is undertaking work in the boat park to try to increase the number of spaces available.  As such, we have identified some boats which we consider to be abandoned, as defined in the club rules e.g. no identified owner, fees not paid etc.  The details  (such as we know them) and pictures of the boats are shown on the attached. If any member believes that a boat belongs to them, or think they know the owner, please contact Goff Brooks on goffbrooks1@gmail.com.

There is a 6 week window for this process, after which the club may dispose of the boats as it sees fit

abandoned boats pics 1

abandoned boat pics 2

abandoned boats pics 3.

abandoned boats pics 4

abandoned boats pics 5

abandoned boats pics 6

abandoned boats pics 7

abandoned boat pics 8

abandoned boat pics 9

abandoned boat pics 10