Quick survey please respond – RS Feva grant bid

We are applying to Sport England for a grant for 3 RS Feva’s. We think the benefit is twofold:-

a) For cadets it gives them a three sail, two person dinghy they can cruise or race in – more interesting than the smaller single sail Toppers and would be more likely to slow the rate of drop out from cadets aged 14+

b) For adult learners, a dinghy larger than a Topper that could be sailed one or two up, using just one or all three sails, providing more room and ability to advance sailing and racing skills.

Whilst we have anecdotal support for the above we need to demonstrate that we have demand for these dinghies and that it would stimulate more activity in the club. Thus I’d be grateful is you would respond to the two question survey The survey response needs to be representative and we need more than 50 responses to be considered effective for our grant bid.

Click here to respond to the survey

Thank you – Adrian Peckham, Vice Commodore