2018 Calendar published

Download Calendar 2018

Please find attached the sailing calendar for the forthcoming season.


You will see that the Sunday afternoon race format is changed for the duration of the Spring Series as follows:

Spring ‘Bertie Bassett’ Series

During the months of April and May this year the afternoon races will not be part of the regular Spring Series. Instead they will be for the new ‘Bertie Bassett’ Series. In this an individual sailor will get points for a finishing position whether helming or crewing in any boat. Thus you can sail any of your fleet of boats, singlehanded or not, or borrow one, or you can crew for the fastest helm in the fleet and still get your points.

Obviously clearly legible signing on will be required and illegible entries will not be counted. 

Other changes for this year include some joint races with Eastbourne, and on Sept 30th we are running separate races for asymmetric and conventional fleets.