Cadet class training and open meeting


Pevensey Bay Sailing Club

Event Series running up to the Clemeson Nautilus Trophy (World Qualifier)

April 4th, 18th, 25th ( training) & May 2nd + 3rd 2020 (open meeting)

There will be a training series on three Saturdays before the Clemeson Nautilus Trophy to be held on May 2nd & 3rd. The training will be aimed at the Regatta Fleet. All are welcome to the training if just to try out sea sailing in preparation for the main event.

The charge for the training will be £20 per boat just to defray the cost of the trainer, motorboats, children’s lunches & teas.

The entry for the Clemeson Nautilus will be handled by the Cadet Association. Notice of race and conditions will be issued later.

The Saturday training April 4th 18th & 25th will be run by an ex-Cadet with RYA qualifications there will be morning & afternoon sessions.  

Adrian Peckham

Blaze Sailor since 2011.RS Q'ba, Enterprise, Graduate and Mirror before that. Sailing Secretary 2014.