Boat Bimble 31st March 2019 @PBSC

Get your boat and duty skills in tip-top condition ready for the season ahead.

Share knowledge with other members, complete those essential maintenance tasks and tune your boats so they’re race ready.  

We will also be running informal training sessions for safety boat preparation and timekeeping duties, so please keep a look out on Facebook, the Club’s noticeboards and the website for sign up sheets.


The duty training day will feature talks and practical on how to setup the power boats and safe use of the winches. You also have the option to learn about what happens inside the race box, the roles and responsibilities to ensure the racing is as good as possible.

I also want to encourage members to take this time to rig their boats up for the season while there is plenty of help around. During this time there will be experienced members about to help with any repairing and potential upgrades you could do to get the most out of the boat for the upcoming season

The duty training is sign up only to ensure we can get enough people to warrant the time from our in house experts. please email me at to book your space.

or sign up using the links below:

Boat Bimble  here ->

Duty Training here ->